Statement of Aims

We believe that sexist attitudes and contempt for women runs through the fabric of society and we are angered and upset by the fact that every three days a woman is killed by a man in the UK. Women are raped, beaten and murdered by our own partners, husbands, brothers and fathers as well as by complete strangers. The domestic abuse services we need are being defunded and shut and the selling of the social housing stock means women at risk of violence in the home have no safe alternative long term accommodation for themselves and their children. Rape is effectively being decriminalised in this country and this is as unacceptable as it is disturbing.

The Metropolitan police use heavy handed tactics to silence people as was clearly demonstrated during the Clapham Common vigil on Saturday 13/03/2021. We are appalled by the behaviour of the Metropolitan Police. As opponents of violence against women we have a human right to gather to show solidarity and support to one another. It is clear to us that the police cannot be allowed to have absolute power over the right to freedom of association and we are calling for united opposition to the Police Bill because we believe that this will have a detrimental impact on our human rights and civil liberties as women.

Our demands are as follows

  • Investment in domestic abuse services, rape crisis support,the NHS and other vital care and support services for women
  • Investment in social housing for women and children at risk of domestic abuse
  • An immediate and urgent inquiry to the unacceptably low conviction rates for rape and the systematic failure of the criminal justice system to provide justice for women

Policing in the UK

  • A full apology is issued by the metropolitan police for the events on clapham common
  • A full external enquiry is opened into the attitudes and behaviour of the police force towards women
  • The police bill is dropped and our right to protest is upheld

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