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For Immediate Release 01/04/2021:
Women Will Not Be Silenced on PC Benjamin Hannam:
At a time when public confidence in the police is at an all time low, the conviction of PC Benjamin Hannam serves to further erode confidence in the police.Once again a man who supposedly is a protector of people, has been arrested and also convicted of breaking the laws the police should uphold and enforce. We believe that PC Hannams proven links to an extremist, right wing terrorist organisation and his interest in child pornography should now trigger a full external investigation into how police vetting is carried out. Given multiple emerging reports we believe that PC Hannams case is not a one off but a result of a system that tolerates and accommodates violence and abuse towards the most vulnerable in society.
We remain gravely concerned about the attitudes and behaviour of the police in this country given their heavy handed tactics at the recent peaceful vigil on clapham common and the brutality they have shown towards protestors in Bristol and Manchester. We are calling for a full review into the attitudes and behaviour of the police because too many people are suffering harm at the hands of the police

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